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With 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, and 20+ of those online, I am happy to share the knowledge I have gleaned. Starting a virtual business is the single best thing I did in my professional career. Let me help you get here, too!

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Follow your dreams. Learn how to take yourself from idea to a kickass new business.

Always wanted to start your own business? Take advantage of our experience and yes, mistakes. Learn from OURS. Don't put it off - GET STARTED TODAY!

About Us


Our in-depth, interactive courses targeted to virtual small business owners and startups. Step-by-step, blended learning environment with video & audio lectures, comprehensive, self-paced full and mini courses, webinars, workshops and FREE resources for students.

An in-depth course to guide virtual entrepreneurs through every aspect of startup from the basics of startup planning through the launch of their business, including marketing and social media setup and networking.

The potential for virtual business growth is literally unlimited. Anyone who has a passion for the services they provide can successfully do it from home. Service type does not matter – this course is for ALL service professionals, including web designers, virtual assistants, programmers, marketing specialists, consultants – literally ANYTHING that is a service-based business that does not need to be done on-site.

I am proof positive that it can be done. I have worked at home part-time successfully since 1987, WELL prior to the internet – and full-time since 1999, when I launched my first online business.

Why this course?

Because I believe that everyone – not just those with a lot of money – should be able to have a FULL COMPLETE COURSE for a reasonable price. I have researched dozens of programs over the last 15 years. Most affordable courses are mediocre with a little information on each segment of startup, some offering lots of bonus free books, e-books and more to entice people to pay more, that most purchasers will never read. Some are excellent, but are prohibitively expensive.

I want EVERYONE to be able to use the knowledge I have to start and run a successful virtual business. It will always be a reasonable price, affordable to ANYONE.

Course Length

This course should take about 6-8 weeks to complete for the average person, though you are free to take as much time as you like, as it works in your schedule. My recommendation is that if you truly want to get your business up and running as soon as possible, you strive to work at least 10-20 hours a week, between the course and the assignments.

Course Structure

This course is structured in Sections by topic. All materials for this course are included, except you, your computer, printer and printing supplies. You may be required to download and install free software, including Acrobat Reader, Open Office (or Libre Office) or a trial of Microsoft Office if you prefer.

A user-centric course designed to walk you through the basics of WordPress, including: installation*, installation and basic theme customization, dashboard review and explanation, posts v. pages, plugins, and extensibility, managing media, essential security, setting up backups and more.

*Installation & configuration may vary depending on your chosen hosting environment. We cover our own hosting
methods in this course with a standard WordPress install.

Continually adding small business courses to help your business grow. Click here for a complete list of available courses.

Student Spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Jason Willis

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